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What we do

2nd Armored in Europe's main role

is to provide commemorative events in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Czech Republic, following the routes of US WWII Divisions on their original battlefields.
These events take the form of:
  • "Big Trips" with Armor, Recon and Armored Infantry, as well as support troops (normally every 2 years),

  • "Jeep Raids", normally as Recon elements of Divisions, as smaller trips on the alternative years.


Working in partnership with other groups that our members are also part of, we attend commemorative events such as: 

  • The annual "In The Footsteps of" the 82nd Airborne March in the Ardennes,

  • The annual "Dead Man's Ridge" 17th Airborne March in the Ardennes,

  • The Battle of The Bulge commemorations, where we normally choose a specific "lesser-known" unit to re-create and to follow their routes on the battlefield.

7th On The Move taster video

A sample video from the many of Youtube, taken here by one of our War Correspondents/ Combat Photographers, Rick Van Nooij, taken during the "7th On The Move"  7th Armored trip in the Southern Netherlands in 2012:

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