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Our forthcoming events:

The events below are our current planned events - please keep checking back for updates!

14-20 December 2021, 106th Inf, Belgian Ardennes: "Lions in the Way!"

- June 2022, 2nd Armored, Normandy (details to be confirmed)


- September 2022, 28th & 4th Inf, Luxembourg: liberate (Sept 44)

If you would like to find out more...

...or if you would like to join us on one of our Future Events, we are always looking for new vehicle owners, collectors, or re-enactors to join the team!

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blood buckets and 4th.png

- December 2022, 28th & 4th Inf, Luxembourg: Defend (Dec 44)

blood buckets and 4th.png

October 2023: "Timberwolf Tracks" 104th Inf, Netherlands (Next Big Trip)


For the latest information and updates on forthcoming events please follow our
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