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Brad Pitt and 2nd Armored in Europe in...


Filmed in 2013 and released in late 2014, FURY is the newest WWII film to hit our screens, starring a Sherman or two and quite a few members of 2nd Armored in Europe (as well as Brad Pitt...).


Not only did unit members provide vehicles and themselves for this gritty and realistic production from David Ayers, based on the WWII 2nd Armored Division, but we also provided military and historical advisors to the production team to ensure the highest levels of authenticity.


Many people from the reenactment community were involved in the making of FURY, but none so much as 2nd Armored in Europe, from training 350+ extras, providing original WWII tents and rare equipment, advising on props and set-dressing, to giving advice to the actors about WWII US tactics, uniforms and kit (and providing the occasional line in the film....).

Photographs from FURY and from other TV & Film work our members have done (History Channel, BBC, Channel 5, Metallica promo video, etc): 

If you wish to hire us for any aspect of Film or TV work, please contact us: 

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