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2nd Armored in Europe in...

The Czech FURY 2015


Locally organised by our Czech team (, over 140 2nd Armored in Europe members from 13 countries (from Europe, Russia, USA and Canada) successfully created the largest event we've ever done, with 5 Tanks, 6 M8 Armored Cars, 6 Halftracks full of Armored Infantry, numerous Recon and Armored Infantry Jeeps, Field Kitchen, Support GMC's, MP's on Harley WLA's, and an L-4 Piper Cub providing aerial reconnaissance for us.


The event was a 10-day long programme from the 24th of April to the 4th of May 2015, travelling from the German/Czech border just above Austria up to Plzen, starting as the 4th Armored Division and then re-marking and re-badging as 16th Armored Division for the liberation event in Plzen, with various liberation fights and ambushes on the way, and the chance to visit historical locations to recreate original photos from 1945.


It ended with the 70th anniversary commemorations in Plzen, re-creating the entry into Plzen of the 16th Armored, on the correct day and time (and having to capture German snipers in the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in the main square!), and finishing with the Convoy of Liberation, led by our Armored Infantry in full parade format and followed by our freshly-cleaned vehicles, in front of 120,000 people watching, as well as WWII US Veterans and many Czech and US dignitaries...

A selection of the many fabulous photographs coming from THE CZECH FURY 2015 event:  

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